Success Story: Improved Workflow for U.S. Military RFPs

SAIC handles vendor and supplier contract management for US military bases. Their previous method for notifying vendors of contract opportunities and managing the bid process relied heavily on fax and expensive call center work flows, and was prone to manual data entry errors. To cut costs and improve efficiency, SAIC needed to shift the older workflows to a secure, electronic forms process that integrated with their sophisticated bid call and submission process.

SecureForms Solution

SAIC selected DataMotion to integrate with their bid call creation system. Requests for bids are now sent to all appropriate vendors using DataMotion SecureForms.  The information is fully encrypted, and SAIC can see which vendors received and opened the request. When the vendor completes the form, their reply is returned to SAIC through a secure, encrypted channel, and the data is automatically entered into SAIC’s back end system.

Secure Workflow ROI and Benefits:

The need for customer service reps to follow up on the status of bids is greatly reduced, and faxed forms no longer need to be re-keyed into the system.

  • Recognize immediate cost reduction
  • improve your bottom line
  • increase your business’s competitive advantage
  • Reduce your exposure to compliance violations, litigation, and penalties
  • Make intelligent business decisions with the visibility gained from management, control, security, and reporting of data exchanges
  • Extend trust by developing more secure communication between you and your customers
  • Reduce human error so you can focus on your business priorities
  • Meet SLA requirements

SecureForms work flow chart final

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