ONC Certified, Scalable, Innovative Direct Secure Messaging

    Reach new levels of clinical health information exchange with our value driven Direct Secure Messaging services.

    DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging HISP Services

    Healthcare systems have some of the highest security standards out there — and for good reason. Regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and MACRA MIPS impose strict requirements for digital communications and value-based reimbursement initiatives. To abide by these requirements without sacrificing the ‘customer’ experience or an effective workflow – reliable, innovative Direct Secure Messaging for healthcare is vital.

    DataMotion provides dependable, trustworthy health information exchange

    Dependable, Trustworthy Health Information Exchange

    DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging services for healthcare enable simple and secure, compliant healthcare information exchange. 1000’s of ambulatory providers and over 100 EHR vendors, health systems and HIEs use DataMotion to exchange medical data with millions of clinical endpoints on the DirectTrust™ network.

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    Connect On and Off the DirectTrust Network

    DataMotion Direct for healthcare enables the digital transformation of your health information workflows, automating ePHI based business processes. It provides simple, secure, verified exchange with all certified EHR technology.

    Grow-with-you options depending on your organization's population-scale needs.

    Exchange Medical Records at Scale

    Even the most demanding, mission critical projects benefit from the simple, reliable and secure medical record exchange our robust, cloud-scale platform offers. Some of the largest organizations and health information data exchange projects in the industry leverage DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging for their population-scale needs.

    Broad array of APIs (application programming interfaces) that integrate with existing health apps.

    Innovate to Your Heart’s Content

    A broad array of APIs empower health systems, health information exchanges (HIEs) and vendors to integrate Direct Secure Messaging into existing health apps.

    Better Quality of Care

    Simplify care coordination with your entire care community, including providers, payers, administrators, patients and long-term care facilities with HIPAA-compliant secure message and document exchange and Direct Secure Messaging.

    Mobile Health Innovation

    Enable easy mHealth app secure clinical data exchange through our powerful, full lifecycle APIs. Our EHNAC/DirectTrust HISP, certificate authority (CA) and registration authority (RA) accreditations keep you protected. And full API support gives you a cost-effective, scalable path to empower the next generation of mobile healthcare apps.

    Simplified care coordination with your entire care community with HIPAA-compliant secure messaging.

    Easy Access to Medical Records

    Enable care providers without EHR systems, such as long-term care facilities and home-health aids to view medical records with our Direct Secure Messaging based DataMotion community portal.

    What you get

    Connecting through a DirectTrust-accredited vendor is a trusted path to compliance — and with DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging services for healthcare, you get:

    Complete API Suite

    Provisioning APIs

    Admin APIs

    RA APIs, CA APIs

    Messaging APIs

    Healthcare Provider Directory APIs

    SDKs and sample code

    Complete documentation

    DirectTrust Accreditations

    Health Information Service Provider (HISP)

    Common Integration Protocols

    S/MIME, SMTP, XDM/XDR and REST support

    Population Scale Service

    Adaptation to population health and large-scale operations

    Automated address provisioning

    Convenient Tools

    30 MB message/file payload

    C-CDA viewer and print function

    Mobile optimization

    Community webmail portal

    Standard ONC reporting metrics

    Learn More About Direct Secure Messaging APIs

    Focus on market-driven service innovations, with high-performing services for secure clinical information exchange

    Backed Up by Decades of Experience

    DataMotion blends its 20 years of secure data delivery experience with technology certified by ONC. Add a focus on market-driven service innovations, and you’ve got an exceptional value and high-performing service for secure clinical information exchange. As your partner, we’ll work closely with you to make your data exchange project a success.


    DataMotion Direct works with all certified EHR technology to send and receive patient records in compliance with HIPAA and ONC rules.

    DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging can enable the digital transformation of your health information workflows, and the automation of ePHI based business processes – on and off the DirectTrust network.
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    DataMotion Direct is an ONC Certified Health IT software – 2015 Edition

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