Secure Message Center Support customers with seamless secure messaging, email and file sharing inside your self-service portals and mobile app CONTACT US

share information between customers and support

A Secure Message Center helps customers engage support teams online with messaging, email and file sharing tools inside your self-service portals and mobile app. It improves the digital experience by removing security and compliance friction from exchanging sensitive information.

Upgrade self-service options

Most self-service portals and apps empower users with account information and management tools for a great digital experience. But when it comes to providing online support options, they can fall short. Especially when there’s a mandate for privacy and security.

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Better customer care

A secure message center adds secure messaging, email and file sharing services natively to self-service portals and mobile apps so that clients can easily ask questions and share documents, forms or images with your support team.

Success story!

By implementing a Secure Message Center into their customer portal, a major wealth management firm safely sends and receives messages, files, forms, images, and more, all while improving their customer’s experience.