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    Take advantage of the security, speed and flexibility that a document sharing app can offer. COMING SOON
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    COMING SOON Take advantage of the security, speed and flexibility that a document sharing app can offer.

    A Document Capture and Transfer App for Secure Data Exchange On-the-Go

    Get the job done right with speed, simplicity, and security — whether you’re in the office, in the field, or somewhere in between. Employees share documents every day. Securely sharing documents, especially paper ones, can be a cumbersome task. Scanners, editing programs, and your secure transfer system can create a friction-filled process. That’s why we created the secure, easy-to-use DataMotion mobile document transfer app. Get love from on-the-go employees.

    Accelerated Efficiency

    Quickly convert paper documents such as contracts and forms to single and multipage PDF documents.

    Modern Convenience

    Easy, smooth, secure document sharing across all iOS apps makes employees more productive, allowing them to get their work done in record time

    Peace of Mind

    Rest easy with effortless security and compliance with trustworthy encryption and unparalleled ease of use.

    Cut the Cord to Your Office, Not Your Productivity

    Ideal for a workforce that is on-the-go or working from home, the DataMotion app can quickly capture, edit and securely share documents and images with coworkers and customers. It complements bring-your-own-device policies for Apple iPhones and iPads.

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    Deliver results quickly

    Our app is designed to get the job done and get out of the way… some have even called it breezy. It’s simple to create, edit and securely share documents from anywhere. An insurance adjuster can take claims photos and attach sensitive customer information, submitting it directly from the field. Similarly, a wealth manager can share sensitive documents and paper scans with their clients right away, without missing a beat – even when not at their desk.

    Flexibility and ease of use

    Simple, but powerful PDF and image editing tools can be used from anywhere — in the field, in the office, or on a coffee run. Consider the home health nurse that needs to send images for help with a diagnosis or the contractor that needs to update, consolidate and send confidential specifications back to HQ — each can prepare, edit, combine and securely send images or documents easily, even from the middle of nowhere.

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    Securely share with your apps

    Think about all the easy-to-use apps you have on your phone. How simple is it to order a pizza, catch up with friends or do some shopping? Your employees want this kind of simplicity during the workday, too. Make your existing apps secure through iOS “share” integration with our mobile app. Documents generated by the apps your employees already love can leverage the DataMotion app to securely share.

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    Elevate your compliance culture

    Convenience doesn’t mean sacrificing security. Adhering to the rigid compliance and security guidelines for sharing sensitive data within the strictest of industries – such as finance and healthcare – is a snap with our document sharing app. Every transaction is automatically encrypted and secured through-out its journey. Your on-the-go employees can work unconstrained by the limitations typically imposed by compliance and security solutions.

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    What You Get with DataMotion’s Document Sharing App

    As soon as you load it up, you’ll find a lot of features packed into this little app.


    Document creation with PDF editing and conversion. Rapid scanning of single and multipage paper documents

    Account Integration

    Links to your existing DataMotion account, disk quota and message retention period, or, creates a free DataMotion Personal cloud account

    App Integration

    IOS Share integration adds secure delivery to documents generated by any app with Share capability

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    Image and PDF editing tools.
    Automatic cropping of documents captured by camera.


    Cloud storage – 100 MB for free accounts; shares your paid account storage limits.
    Send up to 20 megabytes per transaction

    Document Retention

    7 days for free accounts; default retention for your paid account.
    History tab for viewing & tracking sent documents.