Public Sector
Secure data delivery solutions

Private, Secure and Compliant

Many government agencies deal with sensitive personal, financial or health data. They must maintain public confidence by keeping it private. Email encryption, secure file transfer, secure forms, and secure message center solutions from DataMotion are digital transformation tools that streamline workflows while reducing the cost of delivering great public service.


A state law enforcement agency must fulfill criminal background check requests for the state’s business and government hiring processes. It receives over one million requests each year. It must quickly process and deliver FBI reports in a secure and cost effective manner.


A national consumer complaint agency processes more than 1.5 million complaint cases a year via secure web forms, email and document exchange. Agency representatives receive and manage complaint tickets using integrated CRM tools to help citizens resolve disagreements with suppliers of goods or services.


A state department of health is responsible to monitor, track and report on certain communicable diseases. The department includes over 70 county and children’s health offices, medical quality assurance offices, disability offices and public health laboratories.

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