DataMotion SecureMail API Program

The challenge for integrators and developers

Do your customers use your software or application for business processes and workflows that handle sensitive data? Are they in industries subject to privacy laws and regulations?  As data is exchanged across desktops, servers, mobile devices, and public networks – with business partners and customers, this data is left at risk if not encrypted or otherwise secured. Whether from data theft, accidental exposure or regulatory compliance audits – your customers could be exposing themselves to potential losses – both financial and reputation.

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DataMotion offers an in-depth set of APIs that are easily integrated with your solution. With our program, you can quickly incorporate secure messaging, service provisioning and administration to enhance your solutions and services – and drive more revenue.

  • DataMotion SecureMail APIs – email encryption services APIs for secure messaging (and file transfer) applications leveraging standard email addresses.
  • DataMotion SecureMail Provisioning APIs: enable service provisioning and on-boarding for new SecureMail accounts (tenants and individual user accounts).
  • DataMotion SecureMail Administration APIs: enable secure messaging service administration, including password reset, adding or deleting users and utilizing the Single Sign-On (SSO) admin capabilities by tenant companies.
  • Software Developers Kit (SDK):
    • Multiple language support. Sample code is available for C#, Java, Visual Basic (VB.Net) and PHP
    • SecureMail SDK Technical Reference Manual. Includes technical specifications and uses in a working environment
    • SecureMail SDK Demos for each programming language. Provides a working sample application with documented source code that demonstrates the implementation of the SDK.
  • Pre-production Sandbox Environment: Using our full-service, cloud-based platform in a fully contained, pre-production environment, developers can quickly and safely create, test and preview applications.
  • End-to-end support: Your success is our success. Our support team is there for you from day one from pre-integration consulting to ongoing technical guidance.

Looking for Direct Secure Messaging?

Click here if you want to Integrate Direct Messaging into Your Healthcare Solution.

How Do I get Started?

Complete documentation and sample code for the SecureMail API is available in our Developer Center.

If you are interested in integrating SecureMail into your current workflows but are unsure which language would be best, a tech note (available on request) titled “Selecting the Best DataMotion Software Development Kit” is available. This document is meant to provide guidance in choosing the right fit for your organization. To request your own copy or to speak a member of our developer support team, fill out the contact form below.

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