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DataMotionTM SecureMail Solutions

SecureMail is much more than a great email encryption service. It is a complete portfolio of encryption products, solutions and options for secure email, secure file transfer and secure workflows. It’s an evolved solution for all your sensitive ‘data in motion’.

  • Simplify sender / recipient experience
  • Fortify regulatory compliance
  • Defend customer data privacy
  • Elevate organizational efficiency

SecureMail Desktop

A selective email encryption service that secures sensitive email and file attachments from accidental exposure and data theft, while ensuring regulation compliance. Works seamlessly with all popular email clients.  Learn more…

SecureMail SafeTLS

The SecureMail SafeTLS feature makes it easy for SecureMail recipients to receive secure email messages directly to their email inbox. Email and attachments arrive decrypted and ready to read or use – no passwords, portals or logins required. Your senders and recipients will love this! Learn more about our SafeTLS feature here.

SecureMail Single Sign On

Single sign-on (SSO) provides the capability to authenticate once and be automatically authenticated when accessing additional systems. It eliminates the need to maintain unique login credentials for accessing individual applications and systems, increasing security and user satisfaction. Learn more…..


Secure Contact enables customers to initiate a secure email or file transfer from your website to your support teams through a “Secure Contact Us” button placed on any web page. Your website visitors can simply type a message into a provided webmail interface with your website branding and color scheme, attach files and click ‘Submit’ to send an encrypted message to your support desk. Learn more…

Secure Message Center

A secure message center adds encrypted web-mail, web-form or web-chat services natively to customer self-service portals (and corresponding mobile apps!) so customers can easily ask support questions about their accounts or service plans. File sharing is supported and SSO for the seamless incorporation of a branded webmail interface inside a secure portal. Secure files and messages are routed to your CRM, contact center or ticketing system for delivery and response from your support teams. APIs are available for native portal integrations. Learn more…..

SecureMail APIs

SecureMail APIs provide a comprehensive yet easy way to integrate a secure messaging and file exchange service as a native part of your enterprise apps, web service or mobile apps. With our SDK, you can quickly incorporate secure messaging, service provisioning and administration to enhance your solutions, workflows and services with trusted security and verifiable compliance. Learn more here……

SecureMail Gateway

An automatic, policy gateway and intelligent monitoring solution that scans all of your outbound email and attachments for sensitive content as defined by your policies. Messages containing sensitive content requiring encryption are identified and routed to the SecureMail email encryption service.  Learn more…


Secure, custom electronic forms used to conveniently submit sensitive data from customer / consumer desktops anywhere to private data centers for automatic integration into your back end systems. Learn more…

SecureMail Automation

A SecureMail email encryption service that automatically encrypts high volume email communications. It keeps your workflows compliant with industry regulations so your reputation and customers’ privacy are protected. Learn more…

Do you have questions about whether SecureMail is right for you? Check out this page: Why use DataMotion SecureMail solutions?

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