DataMotion Secure Data Exchange Platform


All DataMotion point products (SecureMail, SecureMail AutomationSecureFileTransfer, SecureContact, SecureForms, and SecureFileTransfer Automation) are built upon the Secure Data Exchange Platform. And because they share the same core architecture, they interconnect with each other to provide a unified and simplified approach to an organization’s data transfer needs.

Trusted Security, Verifiable Compliance-

Going far beyond its prepackaged capabilities, the platform is a strategic asset that resolves a wide range of secure data exchange challenges. Whenever sensitive data needs to be encrypted, delivered and tracked, use the DataMotion SDX Platform to easily connect existing systems and simplify complex workflows. The Platform’s store-and-forward design adds resiliency when sharing information with partners and customers. And its centralized authentication and reporting give full control and visibility over the data passing through an environment for trusted secuirty and verifiable compliance.

Core delivery services secure all data sent through encrypted email, ad hoc and scheduled file transfers, and electronic forms. The Secure Data Exchange Platform is built on open standards including web services and data transfer protocols, and has open APIs giving IT professionals flexibility to create new workflows while easily incorporating strong security when sending or receiving data.

Flexible Connectivity

Core data delivery services include encrypted email messaging, secure and managed file transfers, and data feeds from electronic forms. The SDX Platform also employs web services, standard protocols, and open APIs giving IT professionals flexibility in creating new workflows. Strong security can now be easily incorporated when sending or receiving data. This is especially useful for IT architects, custom app developers, system integrators, and vertically focused solution providers.

Secure Data Exchange Features:

  • Centralized control, tracking and reporting for all exchanges
  • Highly secure ‘zero-trust / trust no one’ design <watch video!>
  • Rules-based policy engine, filtering for compliance
  • Acts as service bus to build sophisticated workflows connecting disparate systems and workflow
  • Easy ad hoc and automated system exchanges using wide range of tools, connectors and APIs
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Same platform for all services with Single Sign-On
  • Easy auto provisioning of users and companies
  • Works ad hoc or schedule collaborative processes
  • User interface with easy customization and branding
  • No additional hardware or infrastructure needed
  • Cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployments
  • Microsoft Azure support
  • CJIS data center support

Secure Data Exchange Benefits:

  • Centralized monitoring and tracking increases visibility
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • One framework simplifies workflow complexity for users and administrators
  • Disparate systems connect, increasing productivity
  • Lower administrative overhead means reduced costs
  • Easy to build on and add services
  • Rapid deployment; minimal IT resources
  • Enable new online business channels that are outside your internal network
  • Easy to use, no encryption keys needed to manage or store

Learn More Here:

Want to learn more about the SDX Platform and Service? Check out this fast moving 12 minute video with use cases and architecture overview.

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