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June 26, 2017

Post: Secure Digital Transformation – Public Sector Examples

Secure digital transformation. That’s a term we hear a lot in the public sector these days. And it’s one of those terms that can mean a number of things. At its most fundamental level, it is changing the way we work, react, and interact. The public sector is a unique industry with its own set… Read More »

December 16, 2016

Page: Video: Why is SecureMail the easiest to use email encryption solution both for senders recipients and admin

May 9, 2016

Library Document: DataMotion™ SecureMail Delivery via SafeTLS

Product Brochure: DataMotion™ SecureMail Delivery via SafeTLS

May 4, 2016

Product Brochure: Secure Email for Salesforce

Library Document: Secure Email for Salesforce

Library Document: HIPAA-Compliant Mobile App Messaging for Salesforce

September 2, 2015

Page: HIPAA-Compliant Secure Information Exchange for Salesforce

Customer Services Representatives (CSRs) and other CRM users often use the email functionality built into Salesforce for external communications. This activity may involve exchanging sensitive information that qualifies as personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI) protected by HIPAA privacy and security regulations. Solution HIPAA compliant secure information exchange for Salesforce users is… Read More »

February 27, 2015

Post: Gmail Email Encryption – How it Works

DataMotion has experienced a lot of interest and inquiries into Gmail email encryption since we introduced SecureMail for Google Apps Service last year. While many users have adopted SecureMail Desktop for use with Google Apps Service, there are many more that want to use it with the standard ‘free’ Gmail service to encrypt their email… Read More »

February 25, 2015

Post: Email Encryption in the Financial Industry

Executives in the financial industry come to appreciate SecureMail in two phases. Initially, the need is recognized for an email encryption system for compliance reasons. You need to communicate sensitive information to customers and business partners and you are aware that you cannot email this information unless you can do it in a secure manner.… Read More »

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