HIPAA Compliant Salesforce Service Cloud Messaging

See how a leading health plan provider blended compliance and security into a new mobile customer service workflow:

This video case study is about mobile app messaging to Salesforce Service Cloud. A quick example of how one health insurance payer solved their messaging compliance challenges with DataMotion.

A multinational health insurance payer had a mission critical project to serve its 800 thousand Affordable Care Act subscribers. They were building a mobile application with a messaging function meant to be used within their subscriber services. They planned to use Salesforce Service Cloud for the team to handle support inquiries right from their subscribers.

The messaging app is intended to provide a customer service contact option directly to a support team. It would give their customer an ability to discuss claims or provide necessary information directly on their mobile device. Unfortunately the project was held up due to potential non-compliance with HIPAA privacy and security regulations.

By leveraging the DataMotion secure data exchange platform, they were able to seamlessly connect their mobile apps to their salesforce service cloud so that customer support inquiries are automatically encrypted and logged roundtrip.

Using data motion web service APIs for HIPAA compliant messaging, the developers produced a working proof of concept in just 15 hours, and the execs loved it. A lead engineer estimates they saved months of time and big money in custom development work.

If you need help ensuring your Salesforce or contact center workflows are secure and compliant, feel free to contact us, or learn more about our secure data exchange platform below.


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