Cisco SERA Replacement: DataMotion SDX

June 1, 2018

Christian Grunkemeyer

Nothing lasts forever including software support. One day everything is running smoothly, the next day your software provider announces EOL and end of support – and no workable migration path. If that software is an integral part of a mission critical workflow – a crisis arises as the end of support date begins to look like impending doom. Can you find a suitable replacement in time? Will you be forced to build a custom solution?

Sometimes software “end of life” is a non-issue. You already know it’s “old” and needs to be replaced, but your employees have been using it for a long time. ‘Not broke, don’t fix it’ applies. So when a forcing event occurs – its retirement is announced – you search the web with a few industry-standard terms, find a few potential solutions, and select the best one. Problem solved.

What if your need is unique, the business process supported is critical, and a replacement is not readily found? Over the past nine months, numerous financial services and insurance companies have engaged DataMotion, seeking a Cisco SERA replacement. Cisco SERA has been used to build secure message center functionality into customer portals – the type used for online banking, online investment accounts, insurance plan subscribers, etc. Cisco SERA enabled secure message center functionality by exposing secure messaging APIs. Some of the organizations that rely upon Cisco SERA have millions of customers using their online portals, and the secure message center function is a key part of the contact center and customer service infrastructure for the organization. End of support (according to Cisco SERA replacement customers) is Oct 31st 2018.

The net result is that the Cisco SERA end of support announcement is disrupting some very important (and expensive) customer and client facing services. As a sub-component of an otherwise customized solution – it’s not always easy to find a replacement part that fits. And it’s not easy to search the web for a specialized cog for a large machine. While there are a lot of secure message and email portal providers out there, most are not equipped to provide seamless integration with an existing customer service portal, via SSO and API integration. Happily for some Cisco SERA replacement customers (and us!) – they found the DataMotion SDX platform and our SecureMail APIs – a perfect fit to integrate with an existing solution as well as replace, and improve upon Cisco SERA based systems.

Most large financial institutions have a client/customer portal with some form of customer contact option available. Are you one of these organizations that haven’t already integrated a full featured secure message center into your portal?  Do you have plans to do so? Do you have a secure messaging system that’s outside of your current portal – which means separate login credentials and yet another portal – limiting its use, and certainly its use-ability for employees and clients?  Are you looking to extend secure messaging to a mobile application? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, a visit to our developer’s center is worthwhile.This is one case where the ‘make or buy’ decision is easy, and your software vendor’s EOL announcement doesn’t need to strike fear in your heart!

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