Secure Digital Transformation Part 2 – e-Filing City Taxes

July 7, 2017

Christian Grunkemeyer

In last week’s blog we discussed a trending term in the public sector: secure digital transformation, and what that term means.  We talked about the need to create greater efficiencies and lower costs within secure communication workflows. This week we continue that discussion with another example we’ve seen. This example however is based primarily in the desire to provide a better customer – or in this case constituent experience. Constituent pressure to provide better ways of interacting with public agencies is a common reason you see workflows upended and digitally transformed.

City of Green Income Tax Division: In this example, the city of 25,000 residents and 1500 businesses was looking for a way to simplify the user experience of electronically filing local income taxes. The existing system was confusing and had not been set up with the user in mind.  The city’s budget however, was limited so replacing the existing system completely was not an option. And given the sensitive nature of tax information, the solution had to be highly secured.

The city used DataMotion SecureForms to create fillable pdf tax forms that are available on the city’s website. Once filled out, the form calculates the amount of tax due. Then the user simply clicks an embedded submit button to transmit the data securely, and receives a confirmation email once it has been received.  DataMotion technology is used to move the form data securely between residents/ businesses and the city’s legacy tax system and new etax system. The business or resident can also include their bank routing numbers when filing, allowing for faster, more convenient payments.  The transformed workflow is easier to use for residents and businesses and takes significantly less time and resources for them to complete, and it is easier for the city to support as well.  A win- win for both.

If you’d like to read the full case study on the example above, you can download it here. As always, we’d love to hear your stories about secure digital transformation in the public sector. Please let us know what it means to you.

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