Webinar: HIPAA, Business Associate Agreements & What You Need to Know

June 27, 2013

Bob Janacek

The September 23 deadline is coming up fast. We’d like to personally invite you to this webinar and get some tips on updating your Business Associate Agreements.

Join us on Tuesday, July 16 from 1PM – 2PM EDT for HIPAA, Business Associate Agreements & What You Need to Know, an important webinar you can’t afford to miss.

In this webinar renowned security and privacy expert, Chris Apgar, CISSP, will discuss the new definition of a business associate and what they need to do to update business associate agreements. Andy Nieto, will cover the role encryption and secure messaging can play in meeting BAA and HIPAA security requirements. Together, they’ll offer best practices you can follow to demonstrate compliance in advance of the September 23 deadline. You will learn about:

  • Defining a “business associate”
  • Assessing and dealing with risk
  • Policies and procedures
  • Training
  • Implementing an audit program
  • Notifications



DataMotion Direct enables data transfer, including secure email for healthcare providers, patients, business associates and clinical systems to securely send and receive protected health information (PHI) in a manner that conforms to Meaningful Use guidelines. It supports a variety of sensitive data, including summary of care documents, large images and personal messages, and fully supports in-network and out-of-network communications. Meaningful Use Stage 2 requires the ability to transmit documents and images with external health information networks and other vendors’ systems. What is currently sent via fax and mail can now be sent with DataMotion Direct, saving money and meeting Meaningful Use Requirements.

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