Reduce Costs Lower administrative overhead

Remove manual methods of exchange (fax, postal, mail, etc.)

Improve outcomes at lower costs
LEARN MORE Superior client
on boarding experience
Easily and securely exchange sensitive documents to onboard clients through your self-service portal LEARN MORE Simplified Secure Client
& Advisor Interactions
Increase efficiency

Eliminate switching tools for secure exchange

Provide a modern, frictionless experience

Reduce compliance headaches
LEARN MORE Reduce Costs Superior client
on boarding experience
Easy Integration Simplified Secure Client
& Advisor Interactions
Easy Integration Save time

Reduce complexity

Integrate with existing systems and workflows
upgrade your Enable your team to securely exchange sensitive data wtih your
self-service portal.
  • Increase consumer trust
  • Stronger consumer loyalty
  • Better customer experience
  • request a meeting request info self-service portal Customer Experience welcome ccw at home visitors!

    Boost Your Business Results


    Maintain secure digital information exchanges and conversations between your team, partners, and customers all in one place

    Improve bottom

    Integrate into existing systems to remove administrative overhead while improving outcomes at lower costs

    Elevate customer retention

    Integrate into your existing customer portal to enable secure exchange – eliminating extra logins, portals, and apps and reducing frustration

    Empower Customers and Support Teams

    A Secure Message Center helps your customers engage with support teams online with messaging, email, and file sharing tools inside your self-service portals and mobile apps. It improves the digital experience by removing security and compliance friction from exchanging sensitive information.

    Read DataMotion SecureMail reviews on TrustRadius

    “The technical support for DataMotion SecureMail was always friendly, responsive, very knowledgeable, and quick. They’ve always answered my e-mail inquiries within the hour no matter the time of day and seem happy to help. I’ve been pleased with the quality of support that DM has offered so far, and the same goes for my peers.”

    – Project Manager in Information Technology, Non-profit Organization Management Company, 1001-5000 employees

    Top 10 Things to Consider....

    Thinking about implementing a secure message center into your self-service portal or mobile app? Check out the top ten things to consider as you plan the project.

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    Want to build the Secure Message Center yourself?

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    Success Story!

    Read how a major wealth management firm utilizes DataMotion’s Secure Message Center to enable better communications between clients and providers. Allowing them to reduce costs and improve their customer’s experience without compromising information security.

    Compete on Customer Experience

    With the increasing push for businesses to be “digital-first,” there is sometimes confusion on how businesses can offer their customers an excellent customer experience while protecting their data. This webinar discusses this topic as well as how the Secure Message Center can empower agents to more easily communicate with customers. Watch it now or download the slides.