TPA – Protecting Private Data when Clients Initiated Contact


A Third Party Administrator (TPA) is an organization that processes insurance claims or certain aspects of employee benefit plans for a separate entity. TPA clients and partners often send documents such as insurance claims, employee benefit plan enrollment forms, etc. containing private data. Sometimes these are exchanged through the mail or expensive overnight couriers. Some clients even send unsecured emails that include private data, such as social security numbers. A major challenge in this process is providing clients and partners with a way to initiate secure email communications with the TPA without forcing them to install any proprietary software in their environments.


DataMotion SecureContact is an ideal solution for this type of challenge. SecureContact easily integrates with a TPA’s website, incorporates corporate branding and enables clients and partners to securely email their TPA directly – without having any special software.

Benefits and Results

  • Customizable solution that can be co-branded to reflect TPAs website or stationary look and feel
  • Clients and partners can easily send secure email containing sensitive information to the TPA and receive a secure response in return
  • Files in native format can be attached to messages
  • Clients/partners can use any internet browser. There is no need to install any proprietary solution or keys.
  • Government encryption mandates are met
  • All data exchanges are fully tracked
  • Solution is easy to use and deploy
  • Trust between TPA and clients/partners is extended.

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