Secure Message Center

Does This Sound Familiar?

You are in an industry that requires the transmission of sensitive, private data, such as financial services, insurance, healthcare or government agency. Although you may have a secure web portal for account holders, members, or clients, you also use traditional email encryption and expensive file sharing services with separate portal logins for sending and receiving secure files. Or— you encourage your customers/clients to not email you at all regarding sensitive matters because the messages are unsecure (but customers email you anyway). Your, customers may not have time to call your customer service center and are often looking for multiple ways to communicate. The lack of options to contact you is inconvenient for your customers and can even result in private data falling into the wrong hands.

The result? Subpar customer service.

Need a secure message center?

Solution: Secure Message Center

A secure message center adds web-mail, web-form or web-chat services natively to your customer portals and mobile apps so that clients can easily ask questions and share supporting files or images (asking about coverage for pre-existing conditions, receipts for a credit charge dispute, and so on). Client messages and files are routed to responsible employees – account teams, support personnel, or contact center agents for a response. Case numbers may be assigned for tracking in ticketing systems, and response notifications are sent via email or SMS text channels to notify customers of a waiting reply. For security and regulatory compliance reasons, the message content is encrypted for security in motion and at rest. Detailed logging and tracking reports provide transaction history and proof for compliance audits.

Key Features


  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate extra passwords and multiple portal login frustration
  • Enables messaging and file upload from within the portal or mobile app
  • Alerts customers to responses and messages waiting in their inbox
  • Secure message and file delivery directly to a customer email inbox
  • Enables quick addition of secure message center using a pre-configured webmail UI customized with company branding guidelines
  • Enables native integration and customization of secure message center features into financial services customer portals and mobile apps
  • Establish multiple message options for exchanging information or inquiry based on the context of financial portal activity
  • Route customer inquiries based on subject lines or destination addresses selected from topical drop-down lists
  • Client services reps receive and send messages from within their email clients, CRMs or contact centers for seamless case handling
  • Every message and file exchanged is encrypted, logged and tracked using a ‘trust no-one’ design
  • Overall, better customer service

How it works

The DataMotion SDX (Secure Data Exchange) services platform enables the rapid deployment of secure message center functionality in virtually any client portal. The platform provides the connectors, APIs, protocols, SSO and point solutions necessary to quickly incorporate a co-branded webmail interface behind a portal login or create a custom UI within the portal using secure messaging APIs. Interfaces and connectors for enterprise applications such as email clients, CRMs and contact centers provide the user interface and case tracking necessary to support client advisors and support representatives. Web service APIs enable secure message center functionality to be extended to mobile apps for bi-directional communications as well.

How a secure message center works

Solution Summary

Integrating a secure message center directly into your customer portal and mobile app is critical for great customer service and keeping your clients happy. DataMotion’s Secure Message Center solution features Single-Sign-On capabilities that eliminate the need for multiple passwords and portals. In addition, encryption, detailed logging, and tracking reports provide you with the information necessary to confirm when messages have been sent and delivered securely.

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