Secure and Compliant Workflow Solutions

Workflow security and compliance in action

When it comes to sensitive enterprise data communications, a dichotomy exists between what the CISO needs to do, and what business leadership wants to do. Security and compliance executives need to keep a tight rein on information use and exchange – to protect the company, customers and partners from risk and loss. Executives in charge of business processes need to enable the exchange of information quickly and efficiently – in short – to get stuff done.

dicotomy arrows

This dichotomy can manifest itself in legacy workflows and communication tools that seem like anachronisms in today’s smart, mobile, connected digital world – paper, fax, express mail and courier services. Or it may result in security processes and first generation encryption solutions that mire workflows in complexities that frustrate employees, partners and customers.

It can also insert roadblocks in new initiatives, processes and projects that can delay important business process improvements – and inject cost overruns.

Reimagine workflow compliance and security

The DataMotion SDX Platform surrounds enterprise business processes and workflows in a compliance wrapper that protects against data loss. It integrates easily with common business applications and services to provide a seamless security shield for enterprise data in motion, minimizing process overhead and simplifying the user experience.

  • secure connections, protocols and data encryption
  • policy filters, templates and exact matching
  • ID validation services
  • Total view logging and tracking

Securing workflows for the enterprise IT ecosystem

We live in a mobile first business world with an application ecosystem that is increasingly driven by cloud services and consumerization. The DataMotion Platform blends into this ecosystem to fortify workflows with security and compliance.

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