DataMotion Enables HIPAA Email Compliance, HITECH, PCI and GLBA Email Compliance

DataMotion’s powerful encryption solutions help you achieve regulatory and industry compliance when emailing PII (Personally Identifiable Information), PHI (Protected Health Information), proprietary data or any other kind of sensitive information. HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA, PCI and other regulations require sensitive data to be encrypted when transferred over a public network like the Internet. When you use email and simple file attachments for sending sensitive business communications, it’s imperative these be secured when in transit. Our easy-to-use encryption solutions focus on the protection of data in motion, for example, when sending messages and files to another person or system. DataMotion solutions are just one part of your overall compliance strategy. You’ll need other services for local encryption such as disk, file or folder encryption. Only a portion of the regulations that require email encryption are shown below. Be assured, whenever email encryption is needed, DataMotion satisfies the requirements for securing email in transit.


  • Access Control DataMotion creates accounts which are used to uniquely identify and authenticate each user. Users are not allowed to gain access to another person’s information.
  • Encryption All DataMotion access and delivery methods require encryption such as SSL, TLS, SSH and AES.
  • Audit Controls All DataMotion services are audited. All messages are tracked and logged regardless of how they are sent or received.
  • Transmission Security All methods of accessing information in any direction are encrypted. Additionally any information on the DataMotion Portal awaiting delivery is stored encrypted on the disk.
  • Business Associates DataMotion services enable covered Business Associates to be compliant when communicating with your organization without any extra work for you or them.
  • Method DataMotion services encrypt data in motion to ensure its confidentiality during transmission.


  • PCI-DSS, Requirement 4.1 – strong cryptography DataMotion services use SSL, TLS, SSH and AES encryption standards to provide secure transmission of data between the sender and recipient of any data.
  • PCI-DSS, Requirement 4.2 DataMotion SecureMail allows an organization to securely send information using email in compliance with requirement 4.2.

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act-

Two of the three Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) requirements apply to services provided by DataMotion: the Financial Privacy Rule and the Safeguards Rule. Using DataMotion services an organization can ensure the privacy of their consumer’s data while enabling it to be sent not only within their organization but also when exchanging data with the consumer directly. Additionally, for portions of communications running through DataMotion, the safeguard rules are handled by DataMotion as part of the service being provided. Using DataMotion SaaS services provides a monitored, governed system for your use with a high availability service that automatically encrypts all data that is transferred and stored within the system.

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