DataMotion Solutions for Healthcare

DataMotion provides cost effective and compliant secure email and data transfer solutions for both clinical and non-clinical use.

Direct Secure Messaging for Clinical Healthcare Data

Direct Secure Messaging (Direct) is a national encryption standard for securely exchanging clinical healthcare data via the Internet. It specifies the secure, scalable and standards-based method for the exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Direct was developed as a part of a federal project for standards-based healthcare communications. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 included both near term incentives (and long term penalties) influencing healthcare provider adoption.

DataMotion is an accredited Health Information Service Provider (HISP) of Direct Secure Messaging.

EHNAC Logo_A_DTAAP_HISPThe goal of (DirectTrust/EHNAC) accreditation is to ensure a strong, standards-based framework that supports the Direct exchange of health information. DataMotion is a valued member of the DirectTrust network of networks, working collaboratively with other HISPs to assure their subscribers will be able to connect via Direct exchange on a national basis, and without the need for one-off negotiating. I’ve been very impressed by their energy and expertise, as well as their commitment to helping their clients improve community-wide patient care.” David C. Kibbe, MD, President and CEO of DirectTrust

HIPAA Compliant Secure Email and Data Transfer

Healthcare providers and their business associates are required by law (HIPAA) to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI). These providers need to share this information with doctors, clinics, hospitals and insurance companies. A significant challenge is how to efficiently share this information while maintaining HIPAA compliance across the healthcare provider ecosystem.

DataMotion provides HIPAA-compliant solutions for secure email and file transfers containing PHI using strong encryption techniques. Our easy to use solutions also include secure email automation, eforms, and workflow optimization.

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