Secure Data Delivery Solutions for the Public Sector

By their very nature government agencies, departments, municipalities, etc., exist to provide public services. They constantly deal with private data and must maintain the public’s confidence in keeping sensitive data private. Check out the real world success stories below to see how public sector entities are keeping costs down and maintaining public trust by using DataMotion secure data delivery solutions, such as email encryption, secure file transfer, secure forms, workflows and more. Or watch our on-demand webinar for a complete view of our digital transformation capabilities and success stories.


Success: State Government Supreme Court


  • Installing a unified case management system across the entire state
  • Allow citizens to file cases electronically over the Internet
  • Send out notifications when the workflow has been triggered
  • Detailed logging & tracking information for all transactions through the system
  • System needs to securely transmit large file attachments even when the recipient cannot receive large messages/files due to mailbox size limitations/restrictions

Solution & Results

Using DataMotion’s SecureMail Automation solution, citizens are now able to go to the state Supreme Court’s E-Filing website & request a document (or set of documents) pertaining to a specific court case & the system is able to transmit the document(s) securely to the citizen/recipient.

Concurrently, the state employees needed to be able to securely transmit sensitive information pertaining to a case without having to train all 2,300+ employees within the state agency. Using a combination of DataMotion’s SecureMail solution and the policy-based SecureMail Gateway filter, all outbound messages are scanned for sensitive information and transmitted securely when a rule and/or policy has been triggered.


Success : State Government Department of Law Enforcement


The state needed a solution that would:

  • Electronically deliver sensitive data to a wide range of consumer, business and government users in a secure manner
  • Handle millions of transactions while allowing easy retrieval of individual documents
  • Run on-premise to work alongside internal background check processing systems
  • Offer enterprise reliability and fault tolerance
  • Be easy-to-use and maintain for operations staff
  • Integrate with the agency’s branding
  • Scale severalfold as new legislation greatly expands the volume of background checks to be delivered

Solution & Results

The state chose DataMotion’s SecureMail Automation solution because of its established track record for providing scalability, enterprise capabilities, and lights-out operations. A wide range of delivery options suited to the needs of both individuals and business partners was another factor.

With SecureMail Automation, the state eliminated major courier expenses for each background check delivered, while increasing document security, tracking and retrieval. And because costs were greatly reduced, their fulfillment operation, which was once operating at a loss, is now a major profit center.


With the automated side of secure delivery taken care of, SecureMail was then installed on agency desktops, allowing employees to safely communicate from within Microsoft Outlook to citizens, government agencies and businesses. SecureMail has allowed them to process law enforcement issues in a much more rapid, cost effective manner than the fax, postal and courier methods used in the past. In addition, external users can securely communicate back to State employees, providing a convenient, secure and rapid method to interact with the agency.


Success: State Government Department of Justice


  • To send out information via email containing Personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Replace existing legacy solution that was 20+ years old
  • Policy-based encryption
  • Existing file limit(s) in Exchange that they needed to keep, while still enabling end users to transmit large files
  • The ability to provide this service to other legal entities within the state
  • Needed full control over the system and bring the solution entirely into their data center

Solution & Results

After an in-depth Proof-of-Concept (PoC), the agency was able to easily & quickly transition away from the legacy system without disrupting their existing workflow. The DataMotion Platform provided a reference architecture that would allow them to provision & manage the solution as a service to other legal entities in the state as well as protect internal communications.

Furthermore, the agency had specific requirements for delivery notifications including the ability to suppress notifications for some groups and customize notifications for others. Given the platform’s architecture, they were able to integrate into existing systems and workflows via DataMotion’s open Application Programming Interface (API).


Success: State Government Department of Children and Family Services


  • Meeting HIPAA privacy/security requirements for collecting sensitive data
  • Short time frame to begin collecting data due to change in reporting mandate from the state Department of Health to the State Department of Children & Families
  • Collecting data securely from many disparate constituents, who use varying levels of technology
  • Integrate with the agency’s existing websites and technology
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Trusted secure infrastructure that meets HIPAA and other regulatory/privacy requirements
  • Securely automate the collection of sensitive data regarding the reporting of youth suicide, in a standardized manner

 Solution & Results

Data for the project had to be collected from various individuals and organizations around the state.  The agency had no control over technologies used by the different constituents, so the process had to be very easy to use while maintaining compliance with HIPAA regulations. Collecting data on paper forms was creating an inefficient process for aggregating, analyzing and reporting on the data.

The SecureForms were placed on special landing page on the agency’s public website.  When there is a youth safety incident, the provider can come to the website, fill out the form and submit it.  They then see a landing page giving them other available resources.  All they need is Internet access to submit the report.

Using the analyzed aggregated data enabled the agency to more efficiently provide needed services to the areas of the state most in need, providing better care at lower cost.  The secure, automated forms also meet the requirements for HIPAA security and privacy compliance while meeting state mandates to collect data within a specific time frame.

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