Secure Email for Business Process Automation


In today’s tough economic climate business owners need to find new ways to cut costs, generate additional revenue, and speed the collection of payments. DataMotion hosted solutions can do that for you.

Incorporating SecureMail, SecureContact, FileTransfer, and interactive SecureForms into your existing workflows will enable you to automate manual processes, and seamlessly transfer data, files and email between people and applications. And because all our services are built on the same secure platform, we give you visibility and governance to help measure SLAs and prove task completion.

Deploy DataMotion solutions to open new secure business channels, speed the collection of payments, easily share large files with partners, and automatically retrieve customer data from secure eForms.

Products and Solutions-

DataMotion services, all built upon the cloud-enabled platform, are designed to integrate seamlessly with one another while leveraging your existing IT infrastructure investment.

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Enable your knowledge workers to collaborate
  • Safely share files with partners
  • Meet and measure Service Level Agreements
  • Leverage your existing resources to improve and enhance your business processes
  • Recognize immediate cost reduction and improved ROI
  • Make intelligent, informed business decisions





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