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June 28, 2013

Post: Email Encryption In The Financial Industry

Executives in the financial industry come to appreciate SecureMail in two phases.  Initially, they recognize the need for an email encryption system for compliance reasons.  They need to communicate sensitive information to customers and business partners and they know that they cannot email this information unless they can do it in a secure manner.  SecureMail solves the… Read More »

June 24, 2013

Post: Want Compliant Automated Email Delivery?

MORRISTOWN, N.J. – March 11, 2013 – DataMotion (, an establishedcloud-based secure data delivery provider, today announced the immediate availability of SecureMail Automation. This email encryption service automates secure digital message distribution for a range of business applications that send large volumes of sensitive communications such as email notices, monthly statements, patient information and document delivery.… Read More »

May 23, 2013

Post: Compliance: Duck On The Head Illegal-and other Crazy Laws

Shortly after I moved to New Jersey from Eden Prairie, MN in 2002, I breezed into my local gas station to fill up the car. I got out and grabbed the pump only to have a guy run out of the store waving his hands and yelling “No! no! no!!! You can’t do that!”  He… Read More »

May 7, 2013

Page: Thank You For Contacting Sales

A sales associate will contact you as soon as possible. While you wait check out some of the items below. Feel free to check out these additional resources on securing outbound email: Importance of Secure Email video Secure Email for a Competitive Advantage whitepaper Tips for obtaining management buy-in for secure email funding Stay ahead of the… Read More »

April 25, 2013

Post: MU2: Adoption & P-R-O-G-R-E-S-S!

Have you ever taken a while off of work, either forced, or planned?  For example, a few weeks off between jobs?  A multi-week vacation you saved up for?  Do you remember that excitement, drive, urgency to accomplish something as you headed back to work? HIMSS13 felt a lot like that. 2012 had so many questions… Read More »

March 25, 2013

Library Document: Secure Email and Workflow Automation

Five critical questions every financial institution must ask

Library Document: Fiduciary Trust

Integrating a Secure Messaging Solution into a Diverse IT Infrastructure

Library Document: Altra Federal Credit Union

Gain a Competitive Edge: A Case Study on Secure Cloud Communications

March 18, 2013

Page: Brokerage Firms Trade Confirmations

Challenge Each time someone places a buy or sell order, the brokerage firm they use must send a trade confirmation to that person. Confirms contain sensitive information, and their delivery is governed by privacy regulations. Since regular email isn’t secure, most confirms are printed and sent via postal mail. Given the number of confirms that… Read More »

Page: Private Equity Firms Capital Call

Easily Encrypt Capital Call Notices Challenge When a Private Equity firm is ready to buy an asset, they call on their investors to transfer a portion of the promised money committed to a certain fund. The capital call (or draw-down) notice contains sensitive information such as the dollar amount to be transferred into the fund,… Read More »

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