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SecureMail makes it easier to exchange email and files in compliance with security and privacy regulations.

Easy for Senders

The DataMotion SecureMail plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 sends and receives SecureMail messages and files with one click. Even with file attachments up to 100MB and more (2GB option).

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Easy for recipients

The SafeTLS delivery feature makes it easy for SecureMail recipients to receive secure email messages directly to their email inbox. Email and attachments arrive decrypted and ready to read or use – no encryption keys, passwords, portals or logins required. Replies are sent securely too – right from the recipient’s email client.

Depiction of DataMotion SecureMail single sign on (SSO) log on process. More image details under "Easy Account Access" header

Easy Account Access

Single sign-on (SSO) eliminates the need to maintain unique login credentials for SecureMail – increasing security and user satisfaction. Log in with Microsoft Office 365, Google, LinkedIn or Facebook accounts. OAuth2 / Okta integration for enterprise is also available.

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Easy for mobile users

SecureMail subscription services are optimized for use on mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. There is no need for your users to download apps and keep them up to date. This is a great benefit particularly when it comes to compliance with corporate BYOD policies.

Cell phone showing DataMotion SecureMail mobile login
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Better for Business

Verifying security and compliance is easy with SecureMail and better for business. All message and file exchange transactions are logged in a governed database. The DataMotion SecureMail TotalView report displays 13 metadata fields for each transaction providing a complete view for audit support.

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Better for compliance

The SecureMail Gateway is an add-on policy filter that compliments the SecureMail service. It automates the security process by scanning all email and files for sensitive data – and routing them for encryption as needed.

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APIs - Applications, Workflows, Salesforce, CRMs, Contact Centers

Better Integrations

SecureMail goes beyond point solutions to integrate with your workflows, CRMs / Salesforce and contact centers. APIs  and connectors enable native integration with other enterprise applications and services.

service options

SecureMail subscriptions are delivered from the DataMotion platform in a SSAE 16, SOC 1&2 Data Center. It provides all the SaaS benefits of a fast rollout and zero maintenance:

  • no network or server costs
  • built-in disaster recovery
  • high availability
  • automatic updates
  • DataMotion support

For enterprise class deployments, private data center and public cloud deployments are supported for finer compliance policy control. SecureMail is optimized for both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.