Reduce False Positives From Outbound Email Content Filtering

Traditional forms of outbound content filtering typically use pattern-matching rules to identify and secure email with sensitive content, such as credit card data, SSN#s, and Personally Identifiable Information. While this works well for very unique patterns, it can create false positive matches when the pattern is not so unique.

Just one rule can quickly cause problems by unnecessarily encrypting thousands of emails. And compliance will suffer when you “cry wolf” too often. If you just ignore the false positives, you get annoyed recipients. Trying to fix the rules often gets very complicated and frustrating. And disabling the rules can leave you open to a data breach, fines from non-compliance, and a hit to your reputation.

Next Generation Content Filtering = Exact Matching

DataMotion SecureMail Gateway uses Exact Matching in addition to traditional pattern matching to reduce false positives, protect sensitive data, and eliminate the need for writing onerous rules.

Exact Matching works by comparing the target email message against an actual set of data specific to your organization (for example, customer account numbers). And because the Gateway automatically leverages your dynamically generated data immediately, you are always scanning against the latest and most current set of data. Exact Matching will help you reduce false positives, simplify your rules, and reduce the amount of IT resources needed to stay in compliance.

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