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Eligible Hospitals (EHs), Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs) and ambulatory provider groups seeking to improve health information exchange using Direct Secure Messaging are encountering serious obstacles because the service may not be fully adopted across their care communities, or fully integrated into all provider EHR systems. This can also prevent providers from meeting the transition of care objectives of Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU2). Specifically, the entities to which referrals are typically sent are not always equipped with Direct Secure Messaging (Direct) and therefore may lack the recipient addresses that are needed to transition referrals from one setting of care to another


DataMotion Direct includes a unique Community Web Portal, which provides a rapidly deployable Direct capability for any provider or facility. The web portal feature enables recipient Direct mailbox assignments, with group or individual addressing, which facilitates the transmission of referrals between care settings in compliance with MU2 attestation requirements.  Direct-enabled mailboxes can be provisioned in a matter of days, allowing hospitals and ambulatory providers a certified method for PHI exchange, in compliance with HIPAA, and in support of Meaningful Use attestation criteria.

How It Works

A co-branded Community Web Portal is established for the hospital on the DataMotion Direct HISP platform. DataMotion offers an onboarding program for the hospital affiliates which assigns them Direct addresses, a two-step process as follows:

  1. An organizational certificate is issued for each affiliate by DigiCert, (Direct certification agent). This validates the organization is authorized to receive (and send) PHI such as CCDs using Direct.
  2. An organizational Direct address is established by DataMotion for the affiliate organization (a group address).

Once these steps are completed, the hospital can start sending CCDs to the affiliate’s Direct address, and the affiliate can retrieve the CCD via the Community Web Portal, fulfilling MU2 requirements.

This process can be repeated with as many affiliates as the hospital deems necessary to meet MU2 requirements.

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Continuity Care Documents (CCD) Viewer*

The DataMotion Direct Community Web Portal includes a Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) viewer. The C-CDA viewer is a Web-based add-on to the Community Web Portal that is used to view Continuity of Care Document (CCD) files constructed according to the C-CDA rules as defined by the HL7 industry standard. These files are generated using EHR/EMR software and when viewed without the accompanying software are unreadable. The C-CDA Viewer allows Community Web Portal users receiving Direct messages with CCD file attachments from various sources such as hospitals to display, view and print these documents within the portal window without downloading and installing any software.

How It Works

The process starts with the user navigating to the Community Web Portal. When an attachment of known extension (.zip, .xml, .ccd) is part of a Direct message, a view button will be available. When a user activates the view button the correctly formatted document is displayed. The option to print the CCD is also available.

Click the image below to see how it works.


Key Features

  • Hospital co-branded web portal for secure retrieval of CCDs
  • Assigned organizational certifications and Direct addresses for affiliate providers
  • Intuitive web mail interface – comparable to Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
  • Full administrative control panel including audit reporting
  • Optional Hospital EHR connection establishing DataMotion Direct as primary HISP
  • C-CDA Viewer – Integrated into the Community Web Portal – no extra software is required

Key Benefits

  • Enables hospitals to send CCDs to its provider affiliates regardless of affiliate technology readiness
  • Rapid implementation process easily supports MU2 attestation period success
  • Low implementation and operating costs simplifies ROI evaluation for MU2 success
  • Familiar web interfaces simplify the end user training and adoption

Quick Start Implementation Bundles

DataMotion has developed quick start implementation bundles and options to enable hospitals to quickly choose the appropriate products and services, and requisite investment for MU2 success. For a free consultation on implementing a DataMotion Direct Community Web Portal bundle or other DataMotion Direct services, contact us using the button below.

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