Secure File Sharing


SecureFileTransfer is a feature of SecureMail Desktop that enables secure file sharing with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Big files, small files, sensitive data – SecureFileTransfer can handle it all. Your user won’t need to involve IT staff and you get full visibility into all files sent – keeping your organization in compliance.

Eliminate Rogue File Transfers-

With most email and encryption services, message-size limits prevent users from sending larger files via email. And setting users up with FTP is just plain annoying. It’s time consuming, insecure and very support intensive. Faced with not getting their work done – users will resort to easily accessible, consumer-based services that will do the job. Unfortunately, these rogue file transfers expose your organization to potential data leakage, increased security and regulatory compliance risks.

Easy for Recipients, Users and Administrators-

SecureFileTransfer makes it easy to send and receive large files securely. It simplifies secure file sharing using the intuitive SecureMail portal interface that every SecureMail Desktop subscriber can access. Centralized reporting gives administrators full visibility into all files sent and received. Support is a breeze. And no training or software is needed, getting you up and running quickly. With the SecureFileTransfer feature, your users can get their work done, you’ll be able to track everything for compliance, and you can rest assured that everything is protected. It’s a streamlined, smart approach to secure file sharing.


Key Features:-

  • Secure file sharing
  • User initiated transfers – up to 2GB (100MB standard)
  • Integrated encryption – no separate key management
  • Centralized administration
  • End-to-end tracking and reporting
  • Configurable file expiration
  • Tools to integrate with existing workflows


  • Up and running in minutes
  • Visibility and control of all file exchanges
  • Increased compliance
  • Increased user productivity
  • Easy for users and IT administrators
  • Lower support costs
  • No scripting or custom development required
  • Overlays your existing systems – no rip and replace


Ready to start secure file sharing with the SecureFileTransfer feature?

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