The DataMotion Sandbox is a test environment that allows you to preview, develop and test the full range of our services and solutions. Resting atop DataMotion’s IIT platform, the sandbox provides a separate, secure environment with all the benefits of a cloud model. No infrastructure investments are required, and deployment is quick and painless.


The Sandbox is a pre-production environment that offers the full range of DataMotion solutions and services such as SecureMail, DataTransfer, Data Forms, and Web Services APIs. Customers can leverage DataMotion’s platform in the cloud to develop, test, and preview applications to immediately unlock business value. The Sandbox is a self-contained duplicate of DataMotion. SaaS functionality, without including any customers’ personal data.

Confidential Information-

All information stored in the Sandbox is protected with enterprise class encryption. Moreover, information is transmitted to and from the Sandbox using secure and encrypted channels.
The Sandbox resides in a SAS70 datacenter. Physical security to the datacenter is provided via multifactor authentication which includes biometric recognition of all authorized personnel, closed-circuit video monitoring of all areas and individually secured racks.

Supported Services-

The Sandbox offers the following services:

  • SecureMail: Send and track secure delivery of email messages to any internet recipient
  • DataTransfer: Send large files up to 2 GB each using the Web portal or the Large File Transfer Client
  • Data Forms: Automate and secure the process of collecting confidential information from your customers. Then securely import form data as XML into your workflow for rapid analysis, mining, and business action.
  • Web Services APIs: Integrate secure messaging and delivery tracking into your automated processes, portals, server and desktop applications.

Customers can leverage the above services to build simple or complex customized, automatedsolutions for their organization.

Sandbox Accounts-

While the sandbox allows customers to use production credentials to create and test applications, the sandbox accounts are completely separate from your production accounts. The sandbox is ideal for pre-production integration into customer processes, along with providing a training environment for administrators.


To gain access to the DataMotion Sandbox contact your sales representative, or send an email to

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