DataMotion FAQs

How does the DataMotion Platform save me money?-

  • No Overhead
  • No IT maintenance
  • No courier or Overnight Delivery fees
  • Reduced Carbon footprint means fewer dollars spent
  • Help with Compliance means no fines, lawsuits, etc
  • Time saved by employees means dollars saved
  • Increased productivity means dollars saved
  • Reduced bandwidth for large files…reduced costs

Is DataMotion a “Green Solution?”-

Every day, businesses exchange tens of thousands of digital files, large and small. DataMotion is committed to helping businesses become more efficient and productive, reduce costs and reduce their carbon footprint by providing a “green” method of sharing digital files.
DataMotion enables businesses to eliminate the need for courier and overnight delivery services with our Managed File Transfer solution.

Are DataMotion services encrypted?-

Yes, our solutions provide military-grade encryption for the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises.

How much do DataMotion Solutions cost?-

Please click here to submit a request for pricing information, or just give us a call. We would be more than happy to assist you.

What is the difference between email encryption and Direct secure messaging?-

Direct Secure Messaging (aka Direct) is a type of message and file encryption that uses a protocol standard specified by the US government for use in the health industry. Direct has very specific rules and protocols that must be followed by any vendor or organization using it. The goal is to provide an interoperable secure messaging service nationwide for personal health information (PHI). It is facilitated by independent Health Information Service Providers which operate a virtual Direct Secure Messaging network, aka NwHIN (nationwide health information network) . Direct Secure Messaging requires new ‘e-mail-like’ addresses to be issued for both senders and recipients. It is not compatible with traditional email addresses, clients or email servers. DataMotion is an accredited HISP providing DataMotion Direct, a Direct Secure Messaging service.

Email Encryption generically has many commercial implementations (including DataMotion SecureMail) that are typically proprietary implementations or variations on encryption standards, which leverage traditional email addresses, clients and servers – and are therefore compatible with traditional email networks, servers and clients. In most cases, email encryption services and solutions are not interoperable between vendor offerings.

Can all users receive and send files using DataMotion?-

Anyone can receive emails using DataMotion SecureMail without a paid license. In order to initiate emails or file transfer, however, you will need to have a license. Any person responding to an email they have received through SecureMail can respond to those emails without having a paid account. Of course, paid users can send emails using DataMotion. If you would like to get a multi-user 14-day complimentary trial for your company, please click here.

How does DataMotion provide compliance to regulations such as HIPAA and SOX?-

DM provides a platform to help organizations to meet compliance requirements by providing governance capabilities such as tracking, reporting, filtering and auditing of information exchanged between business partners, colleagues or customers.

How does SecureMail support HIPAA compliance?-

There are three parts to HIPAA compliance as it pertains to the exchange of protected health information data (PHI): Privacy, Security, and Accountability.

  • The Privacy Rule – covered entities must control and limit access to the data only to those who need to use it – authorized personnel.
  • The Security Rule – covered entities must adequately protect the data from accidental exposure to, or theft by, unauthorized persons.
  • Accountability Principle – covered entities must understand their responsibilities and be accountable for Security and Privacy when sending, receiving, storing or using data.

SecureMail supports full compliance with all HIPAA Security Rule components for the exchange of PHI data via encryption and messaging tracking. It also supports the HIPAA Privacy Rule components, but only to the extent that the recipient is an authorized person (a SecureMail message containing PHI can be sent to an unauthorized person via a user error or misuse). SecureMail supports the Accountability Principle to the extent that its use demonstrates a reasonable effort to treat the exchange of PHI responsibly.

Do I need to download special client software?-

No. As long as you have access to a web browser, you can access your DataMotion account, and send and reply to emails. Our on-demand software will also provide automatic updates.

Do your solutions work with email clients like Outlook and Lotus Notes?-

Yes. DataMotion is entirely standards-based, and fits easily with the systems you have, such as archive systems, DRM systems, e-discovery software and email platforms (including Exchange, Notes and GroupWise). You can be up and running within one business day.

Do you have expertise in specific industries?-

Successful business processes are streamlined, automated and secure, enabling companies to do more business, with more partners and more customers, productively and in compliance with industry and government standards. For over a decade, DataMotion has been providing best-of-breed solutions that allow businesses across many different industries to automatically communicate and work securely, seamlessly, and quickly, regardless of processes, systems, and data formats.

I have legacy systems that currently don’t talk to one another. Can DataMotion help?-

Yes. The DataMotion Platform, an on-demand or on-site service offering, governs information transfer between disparate and often-asynchronous legacy systems for secure business communications and trustworthy collaboration. DataMotion provides an intelligent information transport system that can bridge disparate systems, improve service levels and build customer trust. And since our Platform service is offered as an on-demand service in the cloud, our customers are up and running in a matter of days. Companies going through M&A can send secure messages to their new colleagues and business partners, well before their internal email systems can be integrated. This is crucial in exchanging critical information needed to keep key customers and business partners satisfied during this time of financial volatility and market uncertainties.

What are the advantages of an On-Demand (SaaS) solution over on-premise or in-house deployment?-

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (No hardware to purchase, no capital expenditures)
  • Quick Implementation
  • Minimal Training
  • Light Footprint
  • Minimal Administration Required – Ideal for resource-limited environments
  • Reduced Bandwidth
  • Drastically reduced risk of downtime
  • Upgrades auto-delivered so you always have latest version

Do I need to purchase all services on the DataMotion Platform, or can I do it based upon my needs?-

The DataMotion Platform is just that. It is a foundation upon which all our services rest. SecureMail is at the core of our solutions, and is the technology used to move information from A to B, so SecureMail is the only prerequisite for all our solutions. Outside of that, you only need to pay for what you use.

Why do I need SecureMail?-

Email is an integral part of doing business today. Enhancing the email process does not need to be costly or complicated. DataMotion SecureMail is cost effective, easy to install and quick to implement.
DataMotion SecureMail makes email communication as secure as it is easy. Built on top of the DataMotion Platform, it offers flexibility that enables businesses to enjoy the same high-end encryption used by government agencies and large financial and healthcare enterprises.

How quickly can DataMotion services be up and running?-

Our on-demand service can be up and running in just a few hours. On-premise deployment, while quick, requires a bit more time, as we will come to your facility to help get you up and running, and trained.

Why do DataMotion services protect?-

DataMotion protects and governs sensitive information being exchanged between business partners, colleagues and customers.

Why do I need DataMotion if I already have security software installed?-

DataMotion compliments, and is not intended to replicate most security software. DataMotion tracks, filters, secures, audits and manages and automates information in motion.

What size businesses use DataMotion services?-

The DataMotion Platform easily scales to provide solutions for the smallest businesses through to the largest enterprises.

Why did you change your name?-

CertifiedMail has concentrated on serving the secure email space for nine years. During that time it has expanded the product via customer-led development projects. These features have extended the platform well beyond secure email. The original name – CertifiedMail – was too restrictive. Therefore, the company decided to rebrand not only the company name, but the product names as well.

I used CertifiedMail to send email. Will the way I send email through DataMotion change?-

No, it will not. You may continue using the same process as before to send and receive secure mail.

Will my current contract with change?-

No, it will not. In fact, DataMotion, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of, Inc.

Will this change the way in which I contact support?-

Yes, we have enhanced your support contact options. You may contact support by dialing 1 800-672-7233, or by clicking this support link.

How do I ask additional questions not addressed here?-

Please feel free to call us at 1 800-672-7233 or click here for contact information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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