Reduce Call Center Costs/Increase Customer Satisfaction

Exchange Sensitive Data Securely/Increase Customer Satisfaction


Financial institution customers routinely need to contact their bank or credit union regarding their accounts. Because sensitive data is exchanged to identify their accounts, most requests need to be handled via telephone call with the customer call center. Then the call is frequently followed by a fax or mailed envelope to the financial institution containing the needed documents or forms. Either way, it takes time for the customer and requires the financial institution to maintain expensive, large customer call centers.


DataMotion SecureContact integrates seamlessly with a financial institutions website, leverages corporate branding and enables customers to securely email their financial institution directly. The information can be sent directly from the institution’s website, eliminating several steps in the process, and reducing call center calls.

Benefits and Results

  • Enhance customer portals and mobile apps with secure collaboration
    • RESTful APIs for message creating, message folders, user provisioning and management
  • Integrates with existing internal applications such as Outlook and Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Strong member confidence in financial services security
  • Reduced call center costs; resources can be deployed elsewhere –focusing on the business
  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction
  • Faster resolution to customer inquiries due to streamlined processes
  • Emails and attachments are easily encrypted by customers without the use of keys

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