Providing Remote Insurance Agents with Secure Communications Tools for the Home Office


Insurance organizations often have agents working out of home or remote offices. The problem is, often material containing private data, such as policy numbers, birth dates and social security numbers must be exchanged with the home office and with clients. Because of data privacy laws, the usual methods are fax, mail or overnight courier. These methods are costly and time consuming. Agents need access to communication tools that allow them to exchange sensitive data electronically and quickly with their clients.


DataMotion SecureMail solution provides a tool that allows agents to send and receive sensitive data from their desktop without having to install and maintain their own software solutions.

Benefits and Results

  • Reduce the need for overnight courier services, printing and postage costs
  • Allow agents to do business the way they are accustomed, using their current email client
  • Provide a means for clients to submit sensitive data to them in a timely fashion
  • Allow the exchange of sensitive data during extreme situations

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