Why Use DataMotion SecureMail

Ease of Use-

DataMotion SecureMail is the easiest email encryption service for senders and recipients. It’s intuitive, reducing the need for IT support and lowering overall costs.

Policy-based Gateway Filtering-

SecureMail filters messages and over 300 attachment types based on patterns and exact matching to your specific data lists, resulting in greatly reduced false positives.

Extensive Logging/reporting-

SecureMail provides the most detailed tracking and logging in the industry, which is valuable for internal management, audits, service level monitoring and proof of compliance.

Exceptional Handling of File Attachments-

A simple interface lets users easily send large files without IT intervention, while still maintaining compliance and control.

Seamless Mobile Integration-

Optimized for mobile, SecureMail works with your existing email client on mobile devices – no separate app is needed for email encryption.

SecureContact and SecureContact.me-

Convenient portal allows your constituents to initiate secure inbound messages to a group or individual.

Integrates with Your Business Processes-

SecureMail integrates with your internal and external workflows to automate business processes and improve efficiency.

Learn more:-

SecureContact.me: Allows external individuals to initiate a secure, personalized message.
SecureContact: Turns your web “contact us” page into a secure, two-way communication channel.
SecureMail Desktop: Read about the basics of SecureMail.
SecureMail Gateway: Inspects messages and applies corporate polices to determine whether the email should be sent using email encryption.

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