Enhance Office 365 Encryption for Email and File Attachments

Using SecureMail Desktop with Office 365

DataMotion™ SecureMail enhances Microsoft Office 365 encryption for email and file attachments. It works seamlessly with Office 365 to support even the most stringent compliance policies. Organizations can use the SecureMail service with Office 365 to easily and safely exchange sensitive emails and files with customers, business partners and vendors while maintaining compliance with privacy regulations.


  • Strong, compliance grade  Office 365 encryption for email content and file attachments
  • Leverages the Office 365 content filtering
  • 100% compatible with on-premise or cloud-based archiving systems
  • Automated account provisioning for your message and file recipients
  • On-demand and automated reporting for all secure transactions
  • Includes SecureContact.me signature line link for receiving encrypted messages and files from anyone
  • Step-by-step setup guide for quick service startup and operation


  • Makes Office 365 encryption secure and compliant, minimizing exposure to regulatory violations
  • Improves service and contains costs with secure email speed and cloud computing efficiency
  • Reduces exposure to regulatory violations by encrypting Office 365 emails and file attachments
  • Lowers business risk and protects your brand and reputation by preventing data leaks
  • Increases customer loyalty and trust by protecting their sensitive information with encryption

How It Works

The diagram below provides an illustration of how easily SecureMail is integrated with Microsoft Office 365. The content filter provided as part of Microsoft Office 365 flags the message for encryption based on a pre-defined criteria, such as special characters in the subject line or a data pattern inside the message considered sensitive or confidential. Once the message is marked as secure, it is sent securely via TLS to the DataMotion SecureMail cloud, which securely delivers the message to the recipient’s inbox using SecureMail SafeTLS, or with a web-link where the encrypted message and files can be easily retrieved, and replies initiated. In addition, a one touch SecureMail button can be used to automate the trigger word (via simple Outlook plug-in).

Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption and DataMotion SecureMail Comparisons

Office 365 includes a message encryption capability which is suitable for many secure messaging applications. DataMotion SecureMail is purpose built to address compliance needs for regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, insurance, and enterprise as well as public sector organizations. It enhances the compliance profile and addresses key usability factors in critical workflows where regulated information is exchanged via Office 365 email services.


It’s easy to get started protecting your email and attachments with SecureMail Desktop for Microsoft Office 365. Try it, buy it or contact us for more information and guidance.

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