Email Encryption for POP3 or SMTP Connections

Using DataMotion™ SecureMail Desktop with POP3 or SMTP connections

simplefactswebinarDataMotion SecureMail Desktop is the only message encryption service that directly integrates into any desktop or mobile email client using secured POP3 or a SMTP connection. When these protocols are enabled, users can send and receive secure messages directly to and from their email client without having to log into the SecureMail web portal, or installing any extra software.

How it works

In order to send and receive SecureMail from your email client using POP3 or SMTP connections, an administrator sets up a new SecureMail email account on your behalf. This is not a new email address, but just a way to distinguish between your primary email account (where you send and receive unsecured email), and your DataMotion SecureMail account for sending and receiving encrypted mail and file attachments.

To send a SecureMail using POP3 or SMTP connection, your email client will present an additional ‘From’ address option labeled ‘SECURE’ when a user is composing an email message. The user will then select the ‘SECURE’ address option whenever they need to send an encrypted email from their DataMotion SecureMail address.

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  • Strong, compliance grade email encryption for POP3/SMTP connections
  • Separate ‘Secure’ address option routes sensitive messages
  • Secures email content and file attachments on demand
  • Simple ‘two-click’ email encryption
  • 100% compatible with on-premise or cloud-based archiving systems
  • Automated account provisioning for your message and file recipients
  • On-demand and automated reporting for all secure transactions
  • Fast and easy integration into any desktop or mobile e-mail client
  • Step-by-step setup guide for quick service startup and operation
  • signature line link option for receiving encrypted messages and files from anyone


  • Quickly send/receive email from your email client or mobile device
  • Improve service and contains costs with secure email speed and cloud computing efficiency
  • Reduces exposure to regulatory violations by encrypting emails and file attachments
  • Lowers business risk and protects your brand and reputation by preventing data loss
  • Increases customer loyalty and trust by protecting their sensitive information with encryption


It’s easy to get started with SecureMail Desktop. Try it, buy it or contact us for more information and guidance.

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