Email Encryption for Lotus Notes

Using DataMotion™ SecureMail Desktop with Lotus Notes

SecureMail for Lotus Notes integrates with the Lotus Notes client to provide one-click sending of secure messages to any Internet e-mail address.  As a large enterprise class email service, Lotus Notes is widely used and SecureMail Desktop is an effective and compatible email encryption service. Unlike most other SecureMail Desktop implementations, preparing SecureMail Desktop for use with Lotus Notes requires technical integration best performed by an experienced Lotus Notes developer.

SecureMail for Lotus Notes is implemented using the DataMotion SecureMail redirection function. Emails designated for secure delivery are routed from Lotus Notes to the SecureMail server for encryption and delivery. SecureMail for Lotus Notes is implemented in LotusScript and is added to your existing mail template in a standard manner using Lotus Domino Designer where it can be distributed to specific workstations using Notes Template Replication.


  • Strong, compliance grade email encryption for Lotus Notes users
  • Secures email content and file attachments on demand
  • 100% compatible with on-premise or cloud-based archiving systems
  • Automated account provisioning for your message and file recipients
  • On-demand and automated reporting for all secure transactions
  • Includes signature line link for receiving encrypted messages and files from anyone
  • Step-by-step setup guide for integration into Lotus Notes


  • Respond quickly to secure messaging needs through integration into Lotus Notes
  • Improve service and contains costs with secure email speed and cloud computing efficiency
  • Reduces exposure to regulatory violations by encrypting emails and file attachments
  • Lowers business risk and protects your brand and reputation by preventing data loss
  • Increases customer loyalty and trust by protecting their sensitive information with encryption


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