Message Encryption

Enable Secure Email Replies is a standard feature of SecureMail Desktop. It allows your email recipients to initiate a secure, encrypted email reply to you as a response to any email you send them. also allows file attachments up to 100MB to be encrypted and transferred to you in a secure manner. And, like everything with SecureMail, it is easy to implement and use.


How it Works-

SecureMail subscribers are provided an individualized link in the SecureMail portal with simple instructions for adding it as part of an automatic email signature.

Your customers and partners can use it by simply clicking on the ‘Send me a secure message’ link. They’ll be taken to the SecureMail portal where they can initiate a secure email to you, including sending you attachments up to 100 MB.

While most people use in their email signature, the URL can also be embedded in an eNewsletter, or a QR code. This gives you many options for someone to contact you securely.

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  • Insurance agents and brokers
  • CPAs and Tax preparers
  • Attorneys
  • Physicians
  • Anyone who needs to receive sensitive information from customers and partners


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