DataMotion™ Direct Provisioning Portal (DPP)

Direct Secure Messaging (Direct Messaging) is a national encryption standard for securely exchanging clinical healthcare data via the Internet. Direct is an email-like service provisioned and provided as a service by Health Information Service Providers (HISPs). Direct Messaging has three main characteristics that elevate it as a HIPAA compliant messaging protocol for health information exchange:

  • Subscriber identity validation
  • End-to-end security
  • End-to-end accountability

Direct Messaging requires all participants to maintain digital certificates, which supports the identity validation and information security criteria. The process of obtaining digital certificates for each new subscriber can be rigorous and time-consuming. Considering the scale required to provision Direct accounts for large healthcare provider and patient communities – the steps involved in obtaining digital certificates, registering and activating Direct accounts can hinder the service adoption if they are not automated.


The DataMotion Direct Provisioning Portal (DPP) is a self-service, web-based portal that simplifies, automates, and expedites the process of providing Direct Messaging addresses to provider and patient communities at scale. By combining user registration, certification, and account management functions, the DPP enables provisioning of Direct to healthcare organizations and patient populations of any size. The intuitive, user friendly interface eliminates the complexity involved in validating identities, obtaining digital certificates, provisioning new Direct Messaging addresses and managing provider and patient accounts. The DPP handles all aspects of certificate management. It also provides centralized reporting for all compliance needs, including ONC reporting required to meet the meaningful use criteria.

The DPP is also equipped with APIs which can be used by developers to integrate and automate the Direct Address provisioning process into health IT systems and applications such as EHR/PHR and mobile applications for patient engagement. By simplifying and automating the steps required to implement Direct, the DPP dramatically reduces the time and cost to provision Direct for healthcare organizations of all sizes, simplifying service adoption.




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