PR Agency Financial Reporting


Organizations engage public relations firms to help them cultivate favorable publicity for the company and its products and services through a variety of communication channels and tools. Public relations professionals work closely with clients to manage crisis that threaten the company or public image, to announce earnings and mergers & acquisitions as well as to launch new and improved products and services, among other things. Public relations professionals are tasked to secure key information from clients to create news announcements and gain favorable publicity, with much of the communication done through email. However, sending highly confidential information through email is risky, as the information could be intercepted by someone not authorized to have the information, such as competitors and investors trading on insider information.


Public relations firms that use DataMotion’s SecureMail can be ensured that the data, files and emails are being sent securely and safely. This also provides clients with peace of mind that their highly confidential information does not get into the wrong hands.

Benefits and Results

  • Information is encrypted to ensure that only the receiver has access to the information in the message.
  • Compliance with government regulations regarding early disclosure of insider information.
  • Reduced information leakage for sensitive and proprietary corporate announcements.
  • Extend trust between public relations firm and clients.
  • Does not interfere with business processes of getting timely information to the public.
  • Solution is easy to use and set up.

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