PCI Compliance Credit Card Screening


A global enterprise with over 100,000 employees implemented data leak scanning of their outbound email to ensure sensitive credit card data was not being sent out via email. Despite several attempts to train its employees, over 1,000 emails per day containing credit card data were still being sent, in clear violation of Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations. Because these emails represent such a large volume of revenue, their compliance officer did not have the authority to block the emails, and the organization was at risk of a high-profile security breach, or being fined for non-compliance.


The company’s outbound data leak prevention scanner now automatically routes email with sensitive data to the DataMotion SecureMail hosted service for encrypted delivery to recipients. With this new system, employees simply use their existing email client and send email as before.

Benefits and Results

  • No additional training for employees, partners or customers to use the solution
  • Outbound email is now in compliance with PCI requirements
  • Easy integration with their existing email system
  • The SecureMail hosted service required no additional hardware or software to be installed
  • Improved perceived value by the recipients resulting in better customer relations

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