Joining the InMotion Partner Program Is Fast, Smart, and Easy


The InMotion program builds on DataMotion’s mission to deliver best-in-class solutions that are extremely simple to deploy, while at the same time bringing extraordinary value to the customer. InMotion is a very unique program. Not only does it focus on partner profitability, it also helps you evolve your organization to engage both IT folks and line of business executives for solution selling! From basic email encryption to business process and workflow encryption solutions, an InMotion partner is able to add value to multiple types of customers within various vertical industries.

  • FAST: Program enablement is quick, automated, and continuous. You’ll be up and running in a snap – and realizing profit potential faster than with other programs.
  • SMART: Intelligent program design allows partners to cross-sell multiple product lines from multiple vendors in a very simplistic manner – all in the spirit of solving customer problems.
  • EASY: Ease-of-use for customers across multiple verticals has been a cornerstone of DataMotion technology for years. So, naturally, the InMotion program continues this theme.

Maintaining true and lasting partner relationships is paramount to us. We’ll ensure that working with our organization will be easy, fun, and prosperous for you. To these points, we’ve established the following partner types to ensure you are successful in marketing, implementing, and servicing DataMotion solutions:



You have an opportunity for encryption? Work directly with our team and we’ll close it for you, and then send you a percentage of the opportunity!


You have a practice and feel compliance solutions could be a nice addition to your portfolio. We can help you!


Get more from DataMotion by getting trained and incorporating us into your DNA. Reseller PRO’s are experts in the marketplace and receive a bump in margin!


Are you distinctive in what you want to offer to the marketplace? If you are a managed service provider, technology integrator, product vendor, or simply have a unique business model, we should talk because we have a place for you!


Do you focus on Healthcare? Financial Services? Insurance? Government? The value of our products within these and other verticals is second to none! Let’s chat!

Why Become A Partner?

  • Aligns to your “DNA”
  • We expand your customer relationships and product footprint
  • We drive more products and services for you

To learn more about the benefits of partnering with DataMotion, please contact us at

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