Meeting SLA Requirements


When BPO’s perform services on behalf of their customers, meeting service level agreements (SLAs) is critical to maintaining strong relationships and winning new business. A travel industry ticketing company processes and transfers tens of thousands of files every day on behalf of their global partners. But they needed better metrics — proving that files were being delivered in a timely way. This bred an increasing lack of confidence by their customers which threatened future business growth. And it produced constant internal conflict with senior management who needed to measure performance.

The solution needed to be highly secure (complete with industry standard certifications) and had to be deployed on-premise. They also needed detailed reporting on when files were received into their systems, when they were delivered back out to their partners, and easy correlation to measure SLAs.


The company chose DataMotion because of robust security processes, testing, and flexibility to meet their specialized needs. An on-premise deployment of DataMotion SecureMail with file attachments was used. This made it much easier for global partners to send data right from their email systems instead of using complicated FTP clients. All transactions are time stamped as they are sent and received both in and out of the system. The integrated TotalView report gives full visibility into all transactions, and can be delivered both to partners and to senior management giving proof that SLAs are being met.

Benefits and Results

Customers experienced a seamless transition over to SecureMail with no training required. If they ever audit the company or inquire about a perceived SLA breach, the company now has investigative tools to prove whether or not they were responsible. Senior management is happy because they can now measure performance, and have positive proof that services are being delivered in a timely way.

The company is so pleased with the business benefit they gained from SecureMail and TotalView, they are now considering tying other production systems into the DataMotion platform using the SFTP protocol.

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