Distributing HR Retiree Benefit Information


A large manufacturer has 300,000 retirees that they have to communicate with at least once a year. These communications frequently contain private information and by law must be protected. Currently their approach is sending information through the regular postal service. This involves printing, postage and man-months of effort in both mailing and maintaining current addresses.


Using SecureMail, the HR department can email documents containing private information. They also have the benefit of the tracking of the messages and knowing whether or not the message and any attachments were accessed. Using a TotalView report, HR can identify the retirees that did not access the secure emails and follow up with physical mail, reducing the number sent.

Benefits and Results

  • Communicating with 40 percent of their retiree population electronically results in a substantial savings since each communication was estimated to cost 3 dollars
    • Reduced printing
    • Reduced postage
    • Reduced effort
  • SecureMail allows them to include personal correspondence that previously required physical mail to be compliant.
  • Encourages better communication and feedback from retirees.

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