DataMotion SecureMail Delivery via SafeTLS

The SecureMail SafeTLS delivery feature makes it easy for SecureMail recipients to receive secure email messages directly to their email inbox. Email and attachments arrive decrypted and ready to read or use – no encryption keys, passwords, portals or logins required. But still delivered with trusted security and verifiable compliance!

Your users will love this!

Extra steps, web-links and passwords can leave your senders and their recipients wishing for a simpler way to secure email and attachments. SecureMail SafeTLS leverages the widespread use of the TLS protocol to send and reply(!) without any extra steps. It is a simpler way to secure your email!

What is TLS?

Transport Layer Security or TLS for short is one of the core mechanisms used to ensure secure transport of an email and its contents over the internet. TLS is automatic and can be used opportunistically to provide secure email. In fact, ‘Opportunistic TLS’ became a popular workaround for traditional secure email solutions by sending messages over TLS. Works great, as long as the intended recipient could accept TLS connections. But not everyone offers TLS connections – which means your message could be sent completely unencrypted – with no security and no support for compliance ……. yikes!

The SafeTLS Solution

Thanks to the existing infrastructure of the DataMotion SecureMail Platform, our SafeTLS capitalizes on the positives of using opportunistic TLS for message sending, while eliminating the drawbacks of accidental insecure sending. SafeTLS accomplishes this by determining whether or not the intended recipient will accept TLS before delivering the message. If the recipient does not accept TLS, then the message will not be delivered as plain text, but instead a notification link will be sent telling them to log into our secure web portal to retrieve the message. All SafeTLS delivered messages ensure secure responses from recipients via a configurable footer message that contains a link to create a secure reply.

How It Works

  1. Sender sends a secure message.
  2. DataMotion Platform attempts to deliver the message over TLS. If the recipient’s email server accepts TLS delivery, the message is delivered directly to the recipient over secure TLS connection.
  3. If the Recipient’s email server does not accept TLS delivery, the message is routed to the DataMotion SecureMail SaaS for delivery via the co-branded SecureMail web portal.
  4. The Recipient gets the notification that contains a link for message retrieval and downloads the message.
  5. The Recipient can reply securely by clicking on a link inside the received message body.



SafeTLS Configuration

The SecureMail SafeTLS feature and options are activated via the SecureMail Administrator Console for each organization:

  • SafeTLS active / not active (default is not active)
  • Message footer on/off
  • Custom footer message
  • Custom subject line prefix (SecureMail SafeTLS)

For more information on SecureMail SafeTLS contact us.

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