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To actively become involved in our local communities to help fight the hunger epidemic in America.

DataMotion has teamed up with different food banks across the United States that are part of the Feeding America organization. Launching our new community outreach program, DataMotion employees volunteered to help at The Community Food Bank of New Jersey in Hillside, NJ. for the first time on Friday, October 18, 2013 and will continue to offer help every few months. DataMotion’s Portland office participated in the outreach program at the Oregon Food Bank in Beaverton, OR.

Did you know….1 in 6 people are considered food insecure in our country. 1 in 5 children are food insecure. It’s time to help. Nationwide 16.4% of U.S. population are food insecure.

“The experience was eye-opening because you don’t realize how much work goes in to providing for the needs of so many people-especially because a lot of the food is still going toward families still being impacted by hurricane Sandy. The need is just so great it was overwhelming.” Says Andrea Raglione-DataMotion’s outreach program creator.

If you live in the area and would like to get involved by donating resources or time, please contact Andrea via email at andrear@datamotion.com or call: 973-455-1245 ext. 511

Here are some photos of DataMotion Employees volunteering time with Food Banks in the Feeding America Network:

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