Communicating Securely with ‘Occasional’ Business Partners


A global manufacturing enterprise shares files with almost 2,000 business partners. A security audit revealed that files were sitting unencrypted in their network DMZ, so they decided to use file-level encryption with PGP keys to exchange files with their partners. But this approach greatly increased the cost and IT overhead of the solution, with one recent partner requiring 3 months of support to finally get the key exchange to work.

The solution needed to be highly secure (complete with industry standard certifications) and had to be deployed on-premise. They also needed detailed reporting on when files were received into their systems, when they were delivered back out to their partners, and easy correlation to measure SLAs.


The DataMotion FileTransfer solution enables easy to use encrypted file transfers to business partners without the need for complicated key exchanges. Files are also automatically encrypted while on disk. DataMotion FileTransfer meets the needs of tech savvy partners with SFTP SSH-based file transfer capabilities, and also allows less technical partners to exchange files with the organization using a web browser.

Benefits and Results

  • Increased compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Reduced need for IT Support resources, resulting in lower operational costs.
  • Partners are automatically provisioned for file transfers, on-the-fly.
  • More efficient business processes due to shorter timeframes for file exchange.
  • The solution can grow with the enterprise presenting a consistent, easy to use experience for exchanging sensitive files, encrypted email and electronic forms.

 Datamotion’s SecureMail encrypted email solutions help you meet all types of regulatory compliance. Solutions for secure email encryption, secure file transfer & Direct secure messaging help organizations cut costs and meet privacy compliance regulations.

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