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November 12, 2013

Bob Janacek

Texas gets tough on patient privacy

HIPAA audits are underway. If you thought the Federal regulations were tough, you should see what the State of Texas has done. Wait…Texas has regulations tougher than the Feds? It’s true. Learn what the Texas State Legislature has done. Could it be coming to your State?

October 4, 2013

Monica Hutton

How to Disappoint Your HIPAA Auditors and Gain the Respect of Your Board of Directors

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Civil Rights indicates that they now have the regulatory teeth needed to perform HIPAA audits, with increased activity starting with the federal fiscal year on October 1, 2013. As a result, you must be prepared to be audited. And, with 46 states now requiring compliance-breach… Read More »

August 14, 2013

Andy Nieto

According to Andy: HIPAA, Are you ready for September 23rd?

HIPAA!  Five letters, which strike fear into healthcare providers and technology people alike.   It is amazing that an act originally written for Health Insurance Portability is now better known for its Privacy and Security provisions. September 23, 2013, is the date when healthcare providers need to be compliant with the Omnibus Final Rule modifications regarding… Read More »

August 6, 2013

Bob Janacek

Confessions of a PCI Compliance Expert

By: Satyendra Singh Reprinted. Full article: The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is well-known for providing a basic guideline for preserving information security. However, those who believe they can solely rely on basic PCI DSS rules will find themselves mistaken, as there are many aspects of risk management and security management… Read More »

June 6, 2013

Chris Apgar

Business Associates: 9 Things You Need To Do To Update Your Agreement

It’s a brave new world out there for business associates.  The omnibus has finally been published and the industry is facing a September 2013 compliance deadline.   Business associates needed to comply with the HIPAA security rule and the use and disclosure provisions of the privacy rule in February 2010 as a result of the HITECH… Read More »

June 3, 2013

Andy Nieto

Faxing: HIPAA Privacy Risk!

What a blessing.  I sit here holding my newborn granddaughter.  As my daughter is discharged I am taken aback as they ask my daughter if she knows her new pediatrician’s fax number so they can fax over the baby’s delivery report. How about the Fax number for your OB/GYN? Faxing, in today’s world of HIPAA? … Read More »

May 23, 2013

Monica Hutton

Compliance: Duck On The Head Illegal-and other Crazy Laws

Shortly after I moved to New Jersey from Eden Prairie, MN in 2002, I breezed into my local gas station to fill up the car. I got out and grabbed the pump only to have a guy run out of the store waving his hands and yelling “No! no! no!!! You can’t do that!”  He… Read More »

October 29, 2012

Monica Hutton

Secure Email for Healthcare

Early last week my husband ended up in the emergency room, and ultimately was checked in.  As I sat with him throughout the process I was reminded once again, that despite all the advances in healthcare information technology in the last couple of years, there is still a long way to go. This was especially true when… Read More »

June 14, 2012

Monica Hutton

Things to know about HIPAA

Thought I’d share this article by Keith Faigin on Tech Republic’s blog – 10 things you should know about HIPAA compliance.  Though we all probably know most of this, these are good reminders. The 10 things are listed below – go to the full article to see what Keith says about each of these. 1. Physical security policies 2.… Read More »

June 6, 2012

Monica Hutton

Wasting Compliance Dollars

  This Dark Reading article  on how compliance dollars are being wasted, is spot on. I’d also like to add another common scenario to support their findings. Organizations typically look at compliance on a per project basis, and as a result, spin up multiple independent silos that don’t interoperate or work in a consistent manner. The result is… Read More »

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