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May 15, 2009

eBizQ: The Voice of The Efficiency Evangelist – Patti Dock

There has long been a language divide between IT and “business speak,” but today, a common vocabulary has arisen organically from need. 2009 is truly the year the two sides converge and the IT manager has a singular opportunity to become the voice of the Efficiency Evangelist. Despite the challenges businesses are facing today, the… Read More »

April 27, 2009

People are part of the process

Every conversation I have with customers these days begins with “Resources are being cut, so we have to do a lot more with a lot less…” It’s the same for all of us. It doesn’t matter these days if it’s a conversation with a supplier, a customer or a partner.  Every conversation these days seems to… Read More »

March 19, 2009

Bob Janacek

Consuming People and Processes.

Of course, not in the literal sense, but rather from the perspective of enabling people and processes to exchange data in different formats and by different methods.  Until recently, if you had a really good IT department or system integrator, data exchange between people and processes was doable but difficult.  Now, however, there are many… Read More »

March 18, 2009

Take Charge of Your Chain Of Communication

Hi, I’m Dyana Klein, DataMotion’s Director of Marketing.  We live in a world where there is so much information, so much technology, so much communication,  so many outlets through which companies can send their messages…it’s “datapalooza.”   I find sometimes I am sending so many emails, communicating so frequently, and so intently in both my personal and… Read More »

March 6, 2009

Governance is Top Of Mind.

Hi, my name is Patti Dock and I’m the COO of DataMotion. We are in the governance business, simply put, we govern data in motion. Wikipedia defines governance as decisions that define expectations, grant power, or verify performance relative to moving information among people and systems. A flurry of activity surrounding regulatory compliance has made this top of… Read More »

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