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September 28, 2017

Christian Grunkemeyer

Wanted: email security solutions that “just work”

It’s all happened to us. The vendor says their email security solutions are the easiest and that they’ll help you every step of the way. “Wait a minute… Why would they need to help us every step of the way? Does that mean it’s not easy?” They assure you that it’s easy. During the implementation,… Read More »

September 15, 2017

Christian Grunkemeyer

Free Email Encryption & Risk Assessments – What’s Reasonable?

Opportunistic TLS

Risk.  What is reasonable when it comes to security and compliance for moving data and is free email encryption good enough? Last November 2016, NASCIO (National Association of State Chief Information Officers) published their “top ten” priorities for 2017.  Number one on the list? Security and risk management – apart of which is determining what… Read More »

August 21, 2017

Christian Grunkemeyer

When Sunshine Laws Conflict with Data Privacy Laws

It’s the exceptions that get you. Every time. The federal government, and every state in the US have some version of a sunshine laws, which generally require open meetings, and for government records, including electronic ones like email, to be publicly available. Sounds simple enough. Transparency in government is generally good. But sometimes there is… Read More »

July 26, 2017

Christian Grunkemeyer

Three good reasons to secure your digital communication workflows

Secure Digital Communications Workflows Reason #1: Secure digital communications workflows are required, whether by government or industry regulations. If you don’t comply you could end up paying large fines. You could lose the right to provide certain services or products. And your reputation could suffer from the public shaming regulators often impose on a company… Read More »

July 20, 2017

Christian Grunkemeyer

Secure Digital Transformation Part 3: Cutting Costs

When it comes to the public sector, budget restrictions – and cutting costs – are often what drives agencies to find a different way to do something. Agencies are embracing digital technologies to disrupt and overhaul communication workflows, making them more efficient and cost effective. And sometimes, that cost cutting effort can even turn into… Read More »

July 7, 2017

Christian Grunkemeyer

Secure Digital Transformation Part 2 – e-Filing City Taxes

In last week’s blog we discussed a trending term in the public sector: secure digital transformation, and what that term means.  We talked about the need to create greater efficiencies and lower costs within secure communication workflows. This week we continue that discussion with another example we’ve seen. This example however is based primarily in… Read More »

June 26, 2017

Christian Grunkemeyer

Secure Digital Transformation Part 1 – Public Sector Examples

Secure digital transformation. That’s a term we hear a lot in the public sector these days. And it’s one of those terms that can mean a number of things. At its most fundamental level, it is changing the way we work, react, and interact. The public sector is a unique industry with its own set… Read More »

May 30, 2017

Monica Hutton

DataMotion and Osterman Research to Present Webinar on Best Practices for Email Encryption in Office 365

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – May 30, 2017 – DataMotion ™, a leading provider of secure data exchange solutions, today announced the company will present an interactive webinar entitled “Best Practices for Using Email Encryption in Office 365,” on Wednesday June 7, 2017, 2 pm eastern. This free webinar will be co-presented by renowned industry expert,… Read More »

May 2, 2017

Bud Walder

DataMotion Adds Support for Microsoft Azure with SDX Platform

Provides Secure Data Exchange Services for Healthcare, Financial Services, Public Sector and Insurance from a Leading Cloud Services Platform FLORHAM PARK, N.J., May 2, 2017– DataMotion™, a leading provider of secure data exchange services, today announced support for Microsoft Azure on its SDX Platform. The DataMotion SDX Platform is a hub for secure data exchange… Read More »

March 11, 2017

Monica Hutton

Compliance: Duck On the Head is Illegal – and other Crazy Laws

Illegal behavior=non-compliance This morning as I listened to some pundits on CNN argue about a new law that Texas is considering I got to thinking about this blog I posted several years ago about dumb and crazy laws.  (I’ve posted it below). It’s been four years so I thought it would be fun to do… Read More »

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