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June 10, 2019

Tom Eineker

Insurance Industry Customer Experience Projects: Is secure data an important part of yours?

In almost every industry you see rapid change for customer experience (CX) as technology accelerates at a very rapid pace – yet not so much in the slower paced traditional insurance environment. When I think of the insurance industry I often think of descriptions like slower paced, traditional, conservative – all good traits when talking… Read More »

March 5, 2019

Tom Eineker

3 Things to Look for When Adding Health Insurance Member Portal Secure Messaging

Increased productivity – and a better CX (customer experience) are goals we frequently hear from our health insurance customers when they add secure messaging to their health insurance member portal. Many email encryption solutions for health insurance member portals create a separate portal with lots of extra logins and confusion -definitely not a good CX. … Read More »

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