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November 7, 2016

Matt Signorello

Is TLS email encryption good enough?

As most people are aware, the need for secure messaging, email encryption or email compliance is on the mind (or should be) of almost all managers inside every business. The need for TLS (Transport Layer Security) can vary from avoiding a data leak, ensuring there are no prying eyes on confidential information or even something… Read More »

July 28, 2016

Matt Signorello

IT Guy Perspectives: Mobile Workflows and Risk

At a recent conference, I presented a session that focused on securing mobile workflows and the inherent risk that this can pose to a business. The point of the presentation was to illustrate how going mobile, can actually open up a whole class of issues including productivity, security, policy and overall accessibility for not only… Read More »

April 21, 2016

Matt Signorello

Salesforce Email & Security – “Bridge the Gap” – Issue #1

As Support and Operations Director for DataMotion, I frequently see a need for better sharing of information between disparate systems. It is my hope that this article can be the first of many published that focus around a general theme of bringing systems together. These systems can be independent or part of a bigger picture.… Read More »

January 28, 2016

Matt Signorello

Infected by a virus? Shouldn’t you know better by now?

As a thirty something year-old professional, I have lived through the evolution of the internet.  I started with the Mosaic browser and dial-up, slowly upgrading to 56k and AOL, and then I really got into the heart and soul of “web 1.0” once my first cable modem finally arrived. This is all prior to the… Read More »

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