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DataMotion™ Direct Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD)

The rapidly growing number of healthcare professionals with Direct addresses underscores the need for subscribers to discover Direct addresses assigned to specific individuals and organizations. Direct Secure Messaging has the power to enable interoperable health information exchange between disparate systems, but recipient addresses must be easily discoverable in order to achieve this.


A standard feature for all DataMotion Direct accounts is access to the DataMotion Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD). The DataMotion HPD is a growing Direct subscriber information database that allows any DataMotion Direct user to search for their intended Direct recipient by a variety of criteria, including:

  • Provider name
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  • Healthcare organization name, street address
  • Medical specialty
  • Function/role and many others

DataMotion also has HPD sharing agreements with many other Health Information Service Providers (HISPs) of Direct as well as the DirectTrust organization, in order to continuously grow the HPD and connect healthcare organizations and professionals across the country.

In addition, the DataMotion HPD is integrated with the nationwide NPI Registry, enabling updates and appending data for individual records in the directory.

How it works

For DataMotion Direct Community Web Portal Users

For users of the DataMotion Direct Community Web Portal (CWP), access to the DataMotion HPD is available through the search field integrated into the CWP Address Book function. Users can search the DataMotion HPD by provider name, organization, location, NPI, or specialty to discover a Direct address. Once an address is found, a user can set the address in a message or save it to their address book.

For DataMotion Direct Integration Partners

Comprehensive access to the DataMotion HPD is provided via the HPD Web Services API for EHR software vendors and other health IT solution providers. It allows HPD integration into an application user interface. The web services API exposes search functionality using the same parameters so it can be integrated into existing software and workflows.


  • Extensive Data Set – Over 20 searchable data fields allow for better search accuracy
  • NPI Registry Integration – Regularly checks the NPI Registry to update and append data for individual records in the directory
  • API access – Allows for integrating HPD search/retrieval into existing applications and workflows
  • HISP partnerships – Continuously expand the DataMotion HPD and make DataMotion Direct addresses discoverable to other providers across the country